Though we all share a last name, we each have a different bag of tricks.

Megan Eubank is a nationally recognized designer and conceptual thinker. If you want outside-the-box thinking, let’s just say that Megan has never been in one. She’s one of those rare people who has off-the-wall ideas, but is able to harness in those ideas and transform them into something that just happens to be right on target.

Charlie Eubank is the type of person who has made it a point to turn his work into his play. While shooting incredible photographs, Charlie is able to practice his passion on a daily basis. And when he’s not out shooting, you can find him talking to our clients, listening to their problems, telling them jokes, taking them fishing or doing lunch over a nice cold beer.

Little Ellen Eubank is probably the finest first contact with clients we’ve ever had. But her job as professional office dog doesn’t stop there. She’s also the company philosopher, creative spark, best friend, sounding board, entertainment and, of course, a champion of the underdog. In addition to her success at Eubank Creative, Ellen has also dabbled in modeling, dancing and fly fishing. Yep, she does it all. And how is it that the dog gets the longest bio?