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Logo Development/Identity

Posted in: Portfolio - Design ♦ Friday, December 16th, 2011, 5:54 pm ♦ No Comments
Logo Development/Identity

Designing a new logo for the band Little Jane & the Pistol Whips has really been a fun and creative process. The goal was to capture the personality of the band and their music in a way that would appeal to the fans…something fun, gender-neutral, and most importantly, cool and memorable. By taking our hands away from the mouse and grabbing a good old-fashioned pencil, we were able to create a mark that is authentic and that represents the music and personality of this band. And it has taken off! T-shirts were created and have been selling like hotcakes! Additional Little Jane merchandise will be showing up around the area shortly…so keep an eye out. And when you have a chance, go kick your boots up at a Little Jane & the Pistol Whips concert!

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