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Virgin Islands, Baby!

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Virgin Islands, Baby!

We recently returned from a trip to the Virgin Islands, both to get some great Adventure Travel shots, as well as to shoot a wedding on the island of St. Thomas. Before shooting the wedding, we traveled to the remote island of Anegada, located in the British Virgin Islands. The remoteness of this island really was the main attraction. With a population of roughly 200, Anegada really doesn’t offer much to do but relax, beach it, fish, and fish some more. We were really surprised to check into our hotel (one of 2 lodging options on the island) and find out that they don’t have room keys…not that huge of a deal, unless you have thousands of dollars of photography equipment with you. We just had to chill out, embrace island time, and go with the flow. The hotel also had an open bar…serve your self and use the honor system…our kind of bar! We would go back to Anegada again in a heartbeat. Great photography, fishing and relaxation opportunities.

From there, we traveled to Tortola and then back to St. Thomas to shoot Cec and Jennie’s wedding, which was absolutely beautiful. We will post some photos from that on a later date. Check back soon!

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