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Eubank Photography believes that a wedding ceremony brings together a confluence of characters, emotions and energy, which, if photographed in a certain manner, will result in a unique story that accurately and artistically represents this celebration. By applying an editorial method when photographing your wedding, our goal is to capture the candid moments, the emotion and the unique details that make your wedding yours, all with a healthy dose of creativity. The end result being a collection of images that captures the light that details this amazing partnership in a unique and one-of-a kind way.

Our staff is friendly, easy-going and strives to provide a seamless, unobtrusive documentation of your celebration. We do our best to get to know you before, during and after the wedding day. To help us achieve this, Eubank Photography provides a complimentary Engagement Session prior to your wedding. Please visit for more information and to get a better feel for our wedding photography.

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